Welcome to Mirrors of London. When shopping with Mirrors of London, we want you to feel part of the experience. Our aim is to exceed your expectations on every occasion.To ensure that you feel special when shopping with Mirrors of London, we have created an experience that is different to any other online furniture retailer. We want to you understand that no request is too much to ask, and and we will go above and beyond each and every time.We have also implemented a variety of ideas, which we hope will help you in feeling as important as you deserve when shopping with us.

Mystery Gift

You may be fortunate enough to receive a small gift with your order. The gifts will change on a regular basis so fingers crossed you are happy with what you receive. At the checkout, please complete the question to ensure we have the correct information to send your bespoke gift.

All Angles

Our made to measure mirrors are designed to fit in the ideal space, however, we know that often this can be difficult to envisage. By completing our Contact Us form, you can request any angle photo of our mirrors, which we hope will help you visualise how the mirror will perfectly fit into your home. All requests will be responded to within one business day.